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Concept Memory

Concept Memory provide foam and memory foam mattresses that are designed to give you total comfort. Our in depth research delivers products which virtually elliminate all dust mites for healty living and, coupled with our hi-tech production techniques, ensure a quality 'value for money' mattress.

All their foam and memory foam mattresses conform to British Standards and all are vacuum packed in a roll, to ensure hygiene right into the customer’s home.

Custom sizes available, please contact us for information

Please note: all mattresses in the 'premuim' and 'deluxe' ranges now come with coolmax covers as standard at no extra charge!!!

What is memory foam?

When NASA decided to explore the outer reaches of space they discovered a New Bedding Technology, Memory Foam. Memory foam, or visco elasic foam as it sometimes known, was designed to make astronauts more comfortable in space. Heat sensitive and embodied with a remarkable ability to conform to the pressure points of the body, a memory foam mattress / memory mattress can help to promote a change in irregular sleeping patterns allowing your body to rest the entire night, helping to reduce stress and giving you a more restful nights sleep.

What is coolmax?

 A CoolMax Mattress solves the problem of heat build-up, which is the most common complaint with memory foam mattresses. CoolMax fabric whisks away moisture as well as or better than any other natural fibre. This allows your body to regulate its core tempurature without expending a lot of extra energy. The result, a better more restful sleep.

CoolMax is highly permeable by air and has a high heat-regulating capacity, making it an ideal mattress fabric. It is a fiber with unique, fast-drying properties that has earned a proven advantage in professional sportswear.

An adult loses on average approximately 8 ozs. of body moisture every night. This loss of moisture causes a clammy sensation and stimulates the production of perspiration, which disrupts deep and comfortable sleep. With CoolMax fabric, we have developed a mattress which aids in controlling this moisture discomfort. Moisture quickly evaporates, perspiration is reduced, and the body remains pleasantly cool.

Moisture-control tests have shown that CoolMax dries considerably faster than, or as fast as, any other more absorbent fabrics.

CoolMax: a mattress cover for a dry, cool and comfortable sleep. Night after night ...

A CoolMax Mattress offers a cleaner, healthier sleep environment thanks to its hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial properties. Our CoolMax cover is easy to remove and can be machine-washed. If your comfort needs ever change, upgrades can be made easily and affordably by replacing the cover only.

If you have any concerns about getting too hot or perspiring at night, our CoolMax memory foam mattresses are the sound choice for you.

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